After checking my wireless camera this morning I was pleased to see several bucks in the pictures. The wireless camera is on a trail that leads to a wide funnel that my main food  plot is on the far edge of. But pictures from the trail does not mean the bucks went to, or came from, the food  plot.

I sure was anxious to see the pictures from the Moultrie camera set up on my main food plot. Since I’ve been gone this month I’m not up to date with what happened after the wild hogs rooted up part of the food plot back in July and August. When I got back this Sunday I was happy to see that recent rains had brought back my Heartland Pro Forage food plot.

A quick review of the pictures told me the very same bucks from the other pics went to the food plot. Some ate the new growth and some just walked by. One buck was clearly in the face of a doe. And another buck has locked horns with a buck that is mostly off the picture.