New Sitka System Builder helps you choose the right gear for any hunting condition.

Sitka Gear Inc., the leading manufacturer of high performance hunting apparel is proud to announce the launch of its most recent web initiative the Sitka System Builder

This online application is designed to take the guess work out of choosing the right layering system for hunters in any given condition.

“Proper layering is the key to staying comfortable, and ultimately staying on the stand longer” stated Sitka Founder Jonathan Hart. “We developed the Sitka System Builder to help customers choose the appropriate layers based on their individual hunting situation.”

The Sitka System Builder allows consumers to control and change a number of variables, including the game they pursue, the season and the type of terrain they are hunting in. The builder will then identify the proper gear to maximize your comfort, and ultimately your hunting experience. To experience the System Builder first hand visit; Sitka System Builder

“The most frequent question we get from customers is “what is the right system for me?”” stated Kevin King of Sitka Gear. “The System Builder helps hunters answer this question and properly build the best system based on their unique hunting style and environment.”

About Sitka Gear, Inc.
Sitka Gear is the leading manufacturer of high-performance hunting apparel that utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep hunters warm, dry and comfortable in any condition. For more information about Sitka visit or call 877.SITKA-MG.