Author Rick Philippi with his Brown Bag of BB2

This year at The Texas Trophy Hunter show in Ft. Worth, Texas I had the opportunity to talk with the two guys who has invented a new and upcoming product in a Brown Bag called BB2 (squared). Sean Wuller and Jeremy Atkins are the owners of Big & J industries based out of Grand Island, NE. Big is Sean and the name fits. He is 6’10” tall and Jeremy is J and he is exact opposite. Believe me when I say the name Big & J is appropriate. Both these gentleman are very outgoing and very easy to talk to. They get excited when you start to talk about deer management.

BB2 is a protein based supplement that is intended to enhance the overall health of your deer herd. The breakdown of it’s components are as follows, crude protein 18% min, crude fat 8% min, crude fiber 7% max, calcium 0.8%-1.3 max, phosphorus 0.7%, salt 0.25%-0.5%, and sodium 0.5% max.

What is really unique, BB2 can be fed as a protein supplement or as an attractant. I can tell you first hand, the deer simply devour this product. Usually it takes deer some time to warm up to a protein feeder when you first fill it up. Not true with BB2! My protein feeder was hammered immediately when I filled it up with BB2, the deer simply love this stuff! To learn more about BB2 jump out to their web site:

or give them a call at 866-210-7781.