Big Green Targets, the leading manufacturer in targets made with 100% recycled materials introduces the Big Green Crossbow Pro target to their popular Pro Series line. The Big Green Crossbow Pro is sure to handle all the demands that crossbow enthusiasts expect from their targets.

The Crossbow Pro comes in a durable and lightweight package. The target’s dimensions are 20”x 20” x 14” with an approximate weight of 32 lbs. The target is built to handle all that a high powered crossbow can dish out. With a suggested retail of $79.99, The Crossbow Pro not only helps the environment go “green”, it also puts some green back in your wallet.

The Big Green Crossbow Pro is designed to meet the needs of high powered cross bows

The “Green” in Big Green Targets refers to the company’s commitment to the environment. Each target is produced from 100-percent post-industrial waste that, without being put to good use, would have ended up in a landfill. To top it off, Big Green Targets accepts all used targets for recycling as well, but don’t expect to wear them out any time soon because they are built to last

Each Big Green Target is 100-percent weatherproof, and features double-sided targets on the front and back. The target features a proprietary design consisting of a heat bonded, layered closed-cell foam outer core filled with a combination of recycled fabric and foam that is capable of stopping arrows shot at 350 feet per second or more. While each target is designed to stop blazing fast arrows, they are also built with arrow ease-of-removal in mind to ensure an enjoyable shooting experience.

About Big Green Targets

Big Green Targets, a division of Poly-Green Foam, LLC is the premier supplier of recycled foam archery targets. For more information on Big Green Targets or the products they offer call (888) 390-5548 or visit

From: Glen Walker – Providence Marketing Group