The 2010 fall bowhunting season has pretty much turned out to be a bust for me. I decided to come back to school in Minnesota this fall and dedicate the next few school years to finishing up my bachelors degree and play college football again. Not a bad idea at all and most tell me it’s a great decision but after taking a year and half off from school and having all of the time in the world to hunt in the last year, I quickly knew that I would have work hard at college and that I wouldn’t have much opportunity to hunt and film this fall.

Trail Cam picture from the end of the summer. This is a buck my dad and I named "TP" because he is the "Total Package." Behind him is a buck we call "Great 8."

As the summer closed, I took the chance to spend time scouting and watching trail cameras with my dad on the home land and different spots we have permission to hunt. We caught a few great bucks on the trail camera and not only was I excited but dad was really excited. Now, Being 2.5 hours away at school, doing my thing, has left me living vicariously through other peoples hunts on facebook and my dads hunt back home. I plan to get home a few times this fall when I find the time, but I will dedicate it to filming my dad, more than likely.

This is TP in velvet still (Right) and as he just lost his velvet in Early September (Left)

This fall my dad has also decided to take time to learn the basics of filming, taking photos and journaling his fall hunting adventure and as the season continues on, I will keep the Bowhunting.Net Nation up to date on my dad throughout the fall.

My dad during a turkey season hunt in which I filmed him

The Minnesota bowhunting season is only a half of a month in and up to this point dad has had smaller bucks and doe within range and a little bit of action, but with a knowledge of the deer that are in the area, he is being patient.

  • My Dad’s name is Clesson Cottrell, known as Cles to most. He is a bowhunting addict and spends almost every day of the fall in a treestand with his bow. We share the great passion of bowhunting and I was lucky enough to learn about bowhunting from him. One reason I look up to my dad though, is because he is not the best archer or have the newest equipment but he has a real passion for learning everyday and working hard to improve his chances of arrowing a deer. He has also taught me that it’s about the hunt, that we are all blessed by God for the opportunity to hunt, make memories and provide meat for the family.
  • Starting mid September till the end of December he will journal on Bowhunting.Net about his season. He is very excited to share his season with all of you, to say the least! Stay tuned!
  • You can also follow him on Twitter as he tweets throughout the season. Click Here