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This morning I’m 260 miles away from Clendenning Lake and the beginning of this year’s Ohio bowhunt in the rut. Some time around 2:00 I should meet up with Wade Nolan and we’re gonna do it one more ‘gin.

Scrape Bomber »

Although yesterday had been a bust on the stand it was another pivotal day. From the ranch’s two track…

Surprise Bomber »

Yesterday was a zip on both hunts. This morning was electrifying. A spike and forky were trying to chase…

October 25: Rut Sign »

Waiting for daylight at the Point I decided to post on my Facebook page. Big mistake. When I  turned my iPhone…

Robbie Gets A Wild Hog »

Robbie Cramer had only been in his tripod a short while when he heard wild hog traveling noises in…

October 23: A Double »

It was extremely foggy driving out to the Point. When daylight came the bluing sky filled with pink clouds.…

Oct 23 – Robbie Bags A Doe »
Two of the deer passed through but one stopped 15 yards from Robbie and watched the other two deer walk away…

Oct 23: Robbie Cramer came down late last night to hunt for the weekend.

Oct 22: Morning
Overcast. Windy. Looks like it could rain. Didn’t see a single deer this morning.

Oct 22: Afternoon
At the Point for the first time this season. Overcast, gusty winds, in the 80’s but cooling off. Live oak acorns in the trees and on the ground. This place is a natural deer funnel. At 6:33 a doe walked by in front of me between my tree and the fence 12 yards away. Later 3 does were eating acorns almost underneath me. My buddies Timm Geta and Rick Philippi both texting me and when the biggest doe heard the sound it got nervous and walked off. (Gotta find where to cut the texting sound off. I had the phone volume shut off but it apparently doesn’t stop the texting sound.) Soon 2 more does came through the area 45 yds away but didn’t come my way. Nice afternoon.

Oct 21: A Pivotal Deer Day »
This morning was a game changer. A big deal. What happened only lasted a few seconds but the meaning of it is a big thing… Read More »

Oct 19: Deerhunt Oct 19: Morning »
I took my last antibiotic pill before daylight this morning and decided to hunt the nearby food plot. Daylight came and deer started coming… Read More »

Oct 17 – This morning my food plot was extra busy. I saw several groups of does, maybe as many as 20 total. But no bucks. The other guys saw a few does but again no shots.

Oct 16 – (10:30) Everybody saw deer, mostly does. John shot a wild hog. Haven’t heard from Robbie B.
(9:30) John Askew is down again. Also his son in laws Jason and Colt and his son Bryant. Robbie Beckwith came in too. They are all out bowhunting this morning. I’m all antibioticed and cough pilled up after my doctor appointment yesterday. This afternoon I’m gonna hunt, feel good or not.
Afternoon: I saw 6 does. Everybody else saw a few does or hogs but no one got any shots.

Oct 14 – Monday I got the bug and haven’t hunted. I guess it isn’t gonna go away with Alka-Seltzer Plus and DayQuil so I’m going to the doctor for some antibiotics tomorrow.

Oct 11 – This morning I saw some deer but they were on the insides of my eyelids. I slept in this morning.

Oct 10 – (9:41) Bucks came early and left before shooting light. Doe groups stratggled in off and on until 9:00. One doe was alone, which is a positive sign. Her hocks were coal black, another positive. Robbie saw 9 deer, 4 does and 5 bucks. Three of the bucks worked the overhanging branches 35 yards away. John picked up the trail of his doe a few steps from the last blood and it led to the doe in 35 yards. Unfortunately coyotes had found it during the night and ate every spec of meat. A sad thing, but also a part of nature.

Afternoon: Robbie saw a good buck but too late. John and I zipped. On the way to the truck I almost stepped on a rattlesnake laying across the trail. Yikes. Better get out the snake boots.

Oct 9 – This morning Robbie saw 14 deer at his Hot Stand. Three were bucks and he passed on all of them. They marked the overhanging limbs on a nearby tree. I’ve been fighting a cold and slept in to see if a full night’s sleep would help me shake it. During the day Robbie and I worked on the Slew Hole stands and trimmed some limbs. This area is covered with deer tracks, lots of wild grape vines are here and they are full of ripe, purple grapes. This afternoon John Askew is at the Rock Ledge and Robbie is back at his hot stand. At my food plot I saw a lone doe early, 3 does just before dark and two 8-points at last light. They didn’t stay and I returned home when they were gone. 7:42 – Robbie is back. He saw a spike and sixer and some does. John came in a little later and he saw several does and shot one. We  tracked it up the hill and lost the trail and decided to wait until morning.

Number 9 on Oct 8

Oct 8 – Morning: Got nice video of Number 9 and other bucks and some does. Pics too. Here are the Links: Number 9 Video… and Oct 8 Pictures...

John Askew and Robbie Cramer are coming down for the weekend’s deer  hunt. They haven’t arrived yet and it is dark now.

Oct 7 – Today my bud Robbie Cramer drove down to help with some set up stuff so he can hunt this weekend. He arrived late afternoon and since there wasn’t much time we concentrated on setting up in areas that are not set up so far this year. We went to the Point and checked the treestand and checked the platform for Double Bull in the Sky, all was well. Moving on, we checked Robbie’s Hot Spot and the tripod there was ok and the area is full of acorns.

Next up was the Slew Hole. A big limb fell on my treestand and made the seat cockeyed. This area is by a fence line and a home made A-Frame with steps helps get over the fence. But not this time, a steps broke and Robbie got bit by the barbed wire. This weekend we intend to fix the A-Frame tomorrow and straighten the treestand seat.

The season started off good, with hunt reports, lots of pictures, some video, and tags filled. To check it out CLICK HERE.

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