Well nothing spells success like satisfied customers so Bill Moore the owner of Hot Trails Scented Candles wanted a few of his customers to give their side of the story.

Use Hot Trails and you could be the next satisfied customer calling or writing Bill Moore.

From: Guy Griggs – Sand Springs, OK

Just wanted to send you a quick note about your Hot Trails products and our hunting experience last season. I bought a lantern & some Doe in Heat scented candles after reading about your products in a hunting magazine. On the opening day of the Oklahoma gun season my 11 year old son and I hung the lantern in a small tree about 80 yards from our blind. Within 10 minutes we had a large buck coming straight to the candle with his nose in the wind. Unfortunately, buck fever got the best of my son and he missed the shot. I can promise we’ll be in the same stand this year with another candle lit. Thanks for a great product.

From: Dr. ‘B’ – Metairie, LA

It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone Friday Mr. Moore, when placing my order. I have NEVER been a believer of ‘scents and attractants’. In my short lived hunting career (only past 7 years), I believe that statistics, a hunter’s common sense and a little luck would always do the trick.

However, I decided to use your product in 2006 and watched a button buck rush up on a tree where the candle was hanging and went berserk (that’s when I was sold)! I then used your ‘Doe in Heat’ candle again in January of 2009, this time a nice 8 point came OUT of a thicket, into a clearing, and with PASSION in his eyes came within 80 yards from my tree stand (which also became his final resting place)!

Thank you for not only making a product which ‘really works’, but for also taking the time to personally take my order on the phone (it’s nice not having to go through some automated system, or getting aggravated with someone who barley speaks the queens English) Once again, thank you for your products and your time.

PS: I believe I have become the OFFICIAL – UNOFFICIAL SALES REP for your candles- with over 20 friends and family all using Hot Trails I think we have bought out CHAGS in Metairie the past three seasons!
Thanks Again Mr Moore.

From: Michael Hamilton – AL

Michael Hamilton's 14 pt. Hot Trails buck.

I have tried your sent system and it works and have ordered more and would like to know is here any way getting the order any faster? I have 2 of each left and I’m going on vacation next week and going hunting out of town. I would like to have more Hot Trail’s Candles in my bag so I know I will pull deer to me and see more deer to choose from to shoot. I am really excited and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your system. I killed a 14 point using your system. I have always used Tink’s 69 and it works but nothing like your Hot Trails Candles. PS: Thanks to Buckmasters Magazine for posting the Hot Trails info on the Tip of the Week a few weeks ago. I’ve attached my buck. Thanks to Hot Trails it is now hanging on my wall.

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