From: Tim Kent – Theory 13 Creative

Known for their revolutionary products and ingenuity, GamePlan Gear has introduces the industry-first CrossOver – a versatile and extremely-durable crossbow carrying pack.

Crossbow hunting has taken the country by storm and in recent years while more and more opportunities have sprung up as states relax regulations and legalize their usage. Hunters have certainly taken notice, with many embracing the challenges and rewards that come with modern crossbows. Those same hunters have also noticed that crossbows are much heavier than their vertical counterparts, and transporting them to and from their hunting hotspots can be a chore. Good news! GamePlan Gear has designed the perfect pack to ease the crossbow-carrying burden- the CrossOver.

Re-offered as an updated version of Game Plan’s original Standback Pack, the CrossOver’s versatile design capitalizes on larger storage options and heavy-load considerations with beefed up straps & hardware that can handle even the bulkiest crossbow in any brand or style. By incorporating a “stock boot” and padded front collar- hunters can readily secure crossbows, a gun or even a bow. The unique, patented ‘open-book’ design of the CrossOver wraps around a crossbow to provide weather protection for a scope or optics. With a CrossOver pack on his back the crossbow hunter can hunt smarter, harder and more effectively without worrying about his gear or comfort.

The CrossOver follows the same path as all of GamePlan Gear’s quality products and certainly will not disappoint considering it’s loaded with hunter-friendly features.

  • Comfortable way to carry a bulky crossbow– only pack carrier in the industry.
  • Universal drop-pocket design can accommodate a gun, crossbow, or even a compound bow.
  • Adjustable, padded, hip belt helps to distribute weight and save shoulders.
  • “Open-book” design format wraps around crossbow to add protection and keep optics dry.
  • Patented ‘2-in-1’ design can be also be wrapped around tree to form a padded treestand backrest.
  • Available in REALTREE All Purpose (AP) Camouflage.
  • Military-inspired construction ensures extreme durability.

MSRP: $119.95

For more information on the new CrossOver or the check out other exciting products in the GamePlan Gear lineup visit or call (877) 544-6611.