Close Up’s of opening morning buck fight between the bucks JR and Number 9.

When I saw the JR buck walk through the food plot toward the woods edge where the Number 9 buck was I thought nothing of it but followed it with the video camera.

When JR swaggered over to Number 9 and got close to him I saw both their ears go back.

Both ears back and JR is right in Number 9’s face. I won’t pretend to be an expert on buck skirmishes but I’ve seen them do this before. I think they look each other eye to eye so they can be sure their antlers will make contact. (Anyone else ever notice this.)

Contact. It’s on now.

It’s rock and roll time.

How about this…

Imagine the neck ache that would give ya. Or the headache after this move…

Right now JR is trying to get his rack loose from Number 9’s.

Done. Over. Short and … rough.

This combative mode didn’t last long. But it is October and the bucks aren’t quite ready for knock down drag out battles. This time Number 9 simply put JR in his place. In a few more days he will try to rip the head head off any challenging bucks and give them a butt full of antlers when they run for it.

And like I mentioned earlier I got this on video too. Look for that real soon.