Here are some pictures of the highlights of the deer activity this morning October 8. It took a while for it to be light enough to get pictures. This one kicked things off.

Still need a little more daylight to get a clear pic.

Number 9 is looking good this morning. I zoomed in tighter for this pic.

Looking around.

Two of the other bucks.

Another buck and one of the last two.

Daylight improves and I get better pics. Look at how long Number 9 is.

Something catches his attention.

Another buck comes into the food plot.

Time for Number 9 to make his exit.

He walks closer to me.

And I get the above picture and this one.

And this one as he continues on.

I set my Moultrie game camera in the woods and he walks right by it.

And he continues on to wherever his bedding place it.

You can also see this on Video … just CLICK HERE