Mossy Oak Pro Staff Member Steven Reinhold

Q: What are some ways you like to set up for calling predators?

A: My favorite sets are field edges in the early morning hours. This is the best time to catch predators on their feet feeding.

Q: Do you pay attention to wind direction?

A: Yes. Wind direction is a big part of your set up; if you get winded the game is over!

Q: What types of calls do you use?

A: Mainly distress calls: Puppy Distress, Blackbird Distress, Cottontail Distress. I will also use a howler as well.

Q: Have you used electronic calls? If so, how?

A: Yes, electronic calls have been my main choice for my set ups for several years. The electronic calls are easier to change up calls on my set ups with the handheld remotes. Plus all of my favorite calls are right in the palm of my hand. When you add a decoy to your set ups with the e-caller, it makes a bad day for the predator on the prowl!

Q: Do you use any type of decoy?

A: Yes, decoys play a big part on my sets. I use mainly decoys that have motion to them such as Mojo Woodpecker. I’ve noticed by using the motion decoys, it keeps the animal more focused on it and less on the hunter! I also use a life-size coyote decoy as well on some of my sets.

Q: Do you hunt with a rifle or shotgun?

A: I mainly use a shotgun due to the areas I hunt in. Most of the shotguns on the market today, set up with the right choke tube, can give you kill shots out to 50-60 yards. I have two Remington 870 12-gauges in Mossy Oak Break-Up camo, set up with a Carlson HeavyShot Dead Coyote Choke tube. I also have a rifle. I prefer using my Remington 22-250. It is a good caliber, with less damage to the hide of the animal. I’m planning on getting a Remington AR-15 in 223 caliber. On some of my sets, I will carry both my shotgun and my rifle depending on where I’m hunting.

Q: How long do you call from a set up?

A: Most of my sets range between 15 -20 minutes per set.

Q: How far do you move between set ups?

A: Where I live, it is flat terrain with little patch woods and open fields. For most of my sets, I use my truck to get from place to place. So it could be a half mile to 10 miles; it just depends on what farms I plan on hunting that day.

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