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How do you determine your proper draw length? Here’s a fool proof way of knowing if you’re set up for your proper draw length. This question is always floating around the shops. Draw length is determined by someone’s wingspan divided by 2.5”. (e.g.) Take and spread your arms out. Fully extended, have a friend measure from middle finger on one hand across your back, to the opposite middle finger on the other side. Let’s say it’s 72.5. Now, take (72.5 /2.5 = 29”) 29” inch is where your draw length will be.

Many shops will argue the fact the arrow length determines proper draw length. What if the arrows are cut to long from the previous shop? Or if the individual purchased a used bow and arrows were part of the deal! Now, I have cut and fletched 100’s of dozens of arrows. I have learned that people are usually wrong about their proper draw length. Now, when you are ready to purchase arrows from your shop, how do you select the draw weight for their length?

Every arrow manufacture supplies the shops with arrow charts for the arrows purchased. These charts allow the bow technicians to make an educated decision on the correct arrow spine for your arrow shaft choice. They will cut the arrows to correct length, making sure the arrows are cut square so no tuning issues occur. You are on your way to have selected properly fitted arrows & correct spine selection for your current set up.

I hope this short article assist, all of my fellow blood brothers in the field to make better educated decisions. Take care and Hunt Hard.

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