Rick Philippi’s Opening Day 2010

The 2010 opening day hunt was action packed. The morning found me sitting in a Double Bull Dark Horse. I noticed some movement and heading my direction was a huge bodied deer. Making his way into a small clearing I zeroed in with my binoculars and counted 10 points with a kicker off his G-2, this beast would go 160 plus. He made an abrupt turn and wandered off into the swamp to the west of me.

Fifteen minutes later two turkeys made their way by and I picked out a bearded hen and sent the 100 grain Spitfire through her spine and dropped her on the spot. Man, the BowTech Destroyer is smooth shooting. What a way to kick off the new season.

I hope all reading this has a great 2010 hunting season and remember to always be safe and wear that safety harness. PLEASE WEAR THAT HARNESS.

Safe Hunting,

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