Robbie Cramer had only been in his tripod a short while when he heard wild hog traveling noises in the woods behind him. It took a while for the hogs to make it to him and when they did about 20 medium sized hogs walked into the small open spot in front of Robbie. Some of them stopped and some kept going.

Grunts from another hog still came from the woods. Soon two larger hogs walked up to the metal legs of Robbie’s tripod — a brownish hog with dried mud caked on its back and a gray and black spotted hog. Robbie was ready to draw should he have the opportunity.

Soon the two hogs moved ahead and joined the larger group. Robbie came to full draw. He took careful aim at the brown hog and held steady. When he released all the hogs ran into the thick woods ahead in a mad rush. Robbie lost track of the hog he had just shot because of the brush.

I was on my way in from my own hunt when I got Robbie’s text. I texted back that I would be right there.

The hog had turned away from the way the other hogs had exited and apparently intended to go back into the woods it had came from. But it ran out of gas and only made it 20 yards and went down in the trees, right where you see it below.

That’s Robbie Cramer with his second harvest of this weekend hunt, a mature, and very muddy wild hog. Robbie used a Grim Reaper broadhead and it put the hog down in 20 yards. His bow is a Bear MQ3 set at 65 pounds.