Yesterday was a zip on both hunts. This morning was electrifying. A spike and forky were trying to chase two groups of does around without much luck. I was paying too much attention to them and almost missed what I was looking for.

A huge buck with a heavy, high, wide rack was 50 yards to my left; walking stiff legged behind a doe. I put my binoculars on him and checked his big rack, but he had his back to me the whole time and I couldn’t tell if it might be the same buck I saw yesterday. Then  I watched carefully to see exactly where he traveled through the trees. I already have a treestand in that area and made a mental note to check it to see if it was on the buck’s route or not.

Straight away another buck, wide and very nice, jumped the fence 90 yards away and put his nose to the ground and circled around. Then he invaded the space of both doe groups. They scattered but he ran one of them around the area.

Once he was done with chasing the doe the buck turned his attention to the forky and spike. The spike may still be running and the 8-point definitely gave the forky bad case of the jitters.

, an 8-point, walked into some very tall grass 15 yards to my right and disappeared from view. I eased opened the window on the side of the blind and saw him walk into my food plot.

As I took a couple of pictures of the buck 5 does came up to my left and watched the buck.  here are two of them looking at the other 3 coming up.

This buck was nice but the buck earlier still had my pulse rate going strong.

After all the deer cleared out I waited until 11:00 and went to check out Scrape Alley.

This years Whitetail Hunts are Sponsored by: Wildlife Research Center: ‘America’s Top Brand’™

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