As the fight to get public opinion for wolf management, it is critical to take 30 seconds and VOTE YES.

Click below on link and PLEASE VOTE ‘YES’!

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle has a poll online asking if you agree with the legislation being introduced to delist gray wolves.

Don’t let the enviros eliminate our game populations totally.  We’ve stopped them before and we can do it again…but you have to vote.

Forward this to every sportsman you know…and plead that they support this permanent delisting of wolves…to save elk, moose, deer and other big game…Beg them to VOTE ‘YES’!

Organizations like Big Game Forever…Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation…Safari Club International…Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife…Idaho for Wildlfie…and others, now is the time to have your members to rally behind this cause – to win control of the wolf issue. Bozeman is the greenie environmentalist capital of the Northern Rockies…let’s beat them right in their own back yard by taking over this poll.