From: Glen Walker – Providence Marketing

Popular Nutritional supplement now available in convenient 6 lb bag

Big and J Industries LLC, the leading manufacturer of superior protein based nutritional supplements introduces its popular BB2 supplement and attractant in a convenient 6 lb bag. The smaller package is ideal for creating an irresistible hot spot for whitetails and for bringing into the field with you (check local game regulations before using). Make no mistakes; this powerful attractant has been used by industry leading professionals for years with amazing results, now it’s available to you in an easy to use 6lb bag.

BB2 is a revolutionary nutritional deer supplement and powerful attractant that performs well year round. The protein based nutritional supplement has been painstakingly formulated to provide optimum growth, strength and health characteristics for the entire whitetail herd. The unique formulation produces an intense, natural occurring aroma that wild animals find irresistible. No artificial attractants or flavors are added or needed. In addition, BB2 incorporates several vital minerals scientifically proven to stimulate antler production, as well as additional nutrients that assist the doe population during lactation. The versatile product can be used in feeders or direct ground applications, and comes in 40 lb bags, 20 lb bags, and the new 6 lb bag. Once you discover the power of the brown bag, your deer season will never be the same!

MSRP: BB2 40 lb bag $29.99, BB2 20 lb bag $16.99, BB2 6lb bag $10.99


Big and J Industries is the premier supplier of superior nutritional deer supplements and powerful attractants. Founded by two avid hunters, Big and J produces specially formulated deer supplements and attractants designed to meet the highest quality standards and produce the largest, healthiest bucks and whitetail deer herds. True stewards of the land, Big and J believes that a healthy clean environment produces stronger more vigorous game. Product is purposely packaged in biodegradable paper bags, and use only recycled paper stock, not to mention the made/grown in the USA seal of approval. For more information on Big and J products visit or call 866.210.7781.