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I was glad to find out about the problems as I was in the process of booking my flights for a bowhunting trip to Uganda which would have sent me through Amsterdam. I had a couple of clients experience the confiscation of broadheads while traveling through Amsterdam in the last couple of months. Debbie Gracy from Gracy Travel International has been in contact with the Dutch Customs looking for clarification and as a result I contacted the Hunting Report to put out a warning which is below:

Bowhunters about to fly to Africa through the Netherlands need to change their travel plans immediately if they plan on traveling with broadheads of any kind for their arrows.

The Hunting Report has received word that the Netherlands police at Schiphol Airport are actively searching bow cases for broadheads and threatening hunters with fines and jail time for entering the country with “contraband.” Already three bowhunters that we know of have experienced this while transiting through the country.

According to the hunters, police told them all arrowheads are illegal to possess in the Netherlands as are all folding knives. They also stated it did not matter that they had not tried to clear Customs with these items or that they were only transiting the country. We are also told that there are no provisions for acquiring a transit permit for such items, as there is for firearms and ammunition. One hunter lost $2,500 worth of custom broadheads designed for hunting thick-skinned African game when those items were confiscated from his bags.

If you are booked on a flight that transits through The Netherlands, call your travel agent immediately to change your flights. Under no circumstances should you attempt to transit through the Netherlands with broadheads or folding knives in your luggage. The Dutch authorities are taking a hard-nosed approach to this, and are prepared to begin fining or even jailing hunters. See the next issue of The Hunting Report for more on this development. – Barbara Crown, Editor

This story is a big reason why one should use a professional travel agent when booking international bowhunts.

Neil Summers

Bowhunting Safari Consultants