We met Sean Bogan and took us to another one of his hunting places. We parked by an old barn on a hill. The landowner drove up and said she had seen a buck standing in the brush by the property road and it let her drive right by it.

I started down the road, scouring the thick woods on both sides. I noticed a doe laying down 10 yards off the road. It was in thick, now leafless brush and sapling trees.

Oh oh … parts of a buck took form in the maize of limbs and sapplings.
I stopped.

The buck looked at the doe and at me. The doe wasn’t leaving so apparently he wasn’t either. Moving leisurely, so I wouldn’t make them nervous, I leaned so I could frame the buck up better in my camera and took some pics.

The buck, a 9-point is easier to see now.

I zoomed in just a bit so you could see him better.

And then zoomed in tight to get a mug shot.

My bow was with me. But it wasn’t going to be used on this buck. I turned around and went back to the old barn.

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