Jay went out extra early and returned to hunt the same stand he hunted the day before. As he entered the property he turned off his headlights so it wouldn’t scare the deer in the bean field near his stand. He parked, grabbed his bow and backpack and walked to a bend in the road at the corner of the field. He went into a small wood lot for 100 yards and walked around the scrape that was 15 yards from the ladder stand and got ready to hunt. Sean was unable to come along, he had to work.

At 9:30 Jay saw deer in the trees 80 yards away in the direction of the field. It was 3 does and they browsed along, getting closer as they went. The does went into a shallow, dry creek bed. When they stopped and looked behind them Jay looked the area over closely.

A buck was on a trail in the woods and walking briskly toward the does. When he got close to the does they ran off. He pursued them.

They ran 60 yards to the left of Jay and stopped. Jay noticed a bigger buck coming through the woods toward the other deer. When he got to them they all ran out of sight. Jay waited and got out of the stand and trimmed some shooting lanes so he had better shooting opportunities.

Jay was excited to see the deer moving today. An hour and a half later he heard leaves crunching. The same 3 does were walking toward Jay’s stand. Behind them both bucks were following.

Since the bucks were smaller than Jay wanted to shoot he decided to shoot the hot doe if it got close enough. He wanted to use her scent to attract bucks.

When the hot doe came up and turned broadside Jay took the 10 yard shot. Blood poured out as the deer ran 50 yards and fell over. Jay noticed his arrow was sticking in the dirt.

Jay got his drag rope out of his backpack and drug the doe over where he was hunting. He propped the doe up so it looked normal and got back in the stand.

Then Jay texted Sean Bogan that he had a doe. Sean answered that he would be there as soon as he could.

Jay heard people talking on the adjacent property while he waited for whichever happened first, a bug buck to check out his hot doe decoy or for Sean to show up.

Sean was first. When they were dragging the doe to the truck they met two bowhunters. One had shot a big 12-pointer and they tracked it onto Sean’s property.

That afternoon Jay hunted a different area and they saw 9 does and a mature buck.

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