Additional gear for the Ryan Outdoors Writers Camp in Ohio included the following.

Don Wood Polaris provided an Electronic Advantage, Polaris Ranger EV.

Never needs gas. Quieter than gas  powered ATVs. A full 10 inches of of obstacle-clearing ground clearance. 4WD. Easy to charge.

Bob Humphrey and his 2010 Ohio buck in the Polaris Ranger EV.

A vehicle for a hunting camp has different requirements. It has to carry a hunter or two and their gear. The quieter it is the better. Power to push through ruts and mud holes is necessary. Clearance is important too.

The front seat of the Polaris EV held 3 of us at once and the bed had plenty of room to put bows and other gear. Plus, it brought the deer out when  they were harvested.

When rain turned the trail roads into gunky mud and occasional mud holes filled with water the On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) with Versatrac Turf Mode moved between 4WD and 2WD as needed so we always had stable traction.

It had plenty of power too. Operating cleanly and quietly with a 30 hp / 48V AC electric motor. Plugging into an 110V AC outlet was all it took to charge it up and be ready to ride. I was impressed that it did not have to be charged every day. Thanks to Don Wood Polaris we got to enjoy this super quiet, super good hunting machine. It got a thumbs up  from everyone.

Fall Guy Safety Harnesses and Retractors.

All treestands were equipped with Fall Guy safety harnesses and 20 foot retractors. The Fall Guy vest/harness is made to Automotive Industry standards.The harness is as tough as it gets. It’s fastener system and convenient design makes the harness go on easily and securely.

While still on the ground you clip the 20-foot Retractor to the  harness’s caribeneer strap. Then as you climb up the Retractor takes up the slack as you go. Once on the treestand you are ready to hunt because the Retractor has you adjusted just right.

Going down,  the Retractor advances as you go. So you are always safe.

But if at any time there is a fast movement of the Retractor it STOPS instantly. So if you slip or fall the Fall Guy Retractor stops you from falling and being injured. Visit Fall Guy on the web at

DARTON ARCHERY provided crossbows to outdoor writers Bob Humphrey and Joe Byers. Bob used the 2011 Darton Serpent LTD and Joe used the Darton Serpent.

Both Bob Humphrey and Joe Byers harvested Ohio bucks on the hunt. (Visit Darton Archery on the web at

This years Whitetail Hunts are Sponsored by: Hang-On Buddy Universal Treestand Mounting System