4:45 and Jeff Neal woke everyone up for breakfast. We ate and got ready to go.

Mike Jordan hunted in a Blind Turtle blind. He got in it at 6:00 and at 7:05 a 4-point buck made a scrape 22 yards from Mike. Then the buck fed in the green field. When a doe entered the field the forky chased her around in the nearby woods.

At 7:25  Mike saw a big bodied, large 9-point buck in the surrounding CRP. When the buck saw the doe in the food plot he stopped and watched the doe. The doe ducked in place and froze.

The 9-point turned and Mike recognized the posture of a buck that was going to leave. He took aim and shot. His Lumenock lit up red as it left, then the light went out as it passed through the buck, and came on again on the other side.

Hit hard the 9-point ran, made a circle and dropped 30 yards from where Mike shot him.

Jay Liechty  saw some does and an 8-point. Jeff Neal saw 8 does. Bob Humphrey saw one doe. Joe Byers saw two bucks and a doe. I zipped.

Mike Jordan is the Vice President of ATSKO.

EQUIPMENT COMMENTS: Mike used Darton Lightening crossbow. The wind was at this back blowing toward the buck and was scent free with Sport-Wash Hair and Body Soap and N-O-Dor Oxidizer scent eliminator. He used Grim Reaper RazorCut broadhead. Mike told me, “The Darton crossbow is very impressive, it’s a very flat and fast shooting. The Grim Reaper flew exactly like the field tips I practiced with and I was able to place a 42 yard shot exactly where I aimed. The blood trail was nothing less than spectacular. I double lunged him and when he went in the standing corn blood was 4 feet high and down.”

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