(An unsolicited letter from another satisfied customer of Hot Trails Scented Candles)

Hi Bill,

First off, thank you for taking my order while you were driving down the road on a Sunday. I ran out of my DOE-N-HEAT candles and really need some for the rut this week.

I used my last candle Saturday, November 6th while hunting in Tignall, Georgia. What it brought in to me was my biggest buck ever.

Perry Smith with the biggest Buck of his life.

My son and I hunted the entire day. We stayed in the stand all day. I used my first candle the morning and a small buck inspected the area and went on his way. After the morning candle burned out, I came down from my stand and lit my last candle.

About 1:30pm the biggest buck I have ever seen while hunting came directly to the candle I had lit for the afternoon hunt. I have enclosed pictures of the buck. With my Browning .300WSM I dropped him in his tracks. This would not have been possible without Hot Trails. I have used Hot Trails candles for two years and have had bucks come to them both years. Thank you for an AWESOME product. I’m sure I will get another shot at another nice buck this week using your DOE-N-HEAT candles.

A Hot Trails fan forever,

Perry Smith