Beman is Recalling Specific Bone Collector Arrows

The reason for this recall:
In a recent quality inspection, Beman discovered a flaw that may have compromised the structural integrity of a small percentage of Bone Collector arrow shafts. This recall affects only a small percentage of three specific batch numbers from two sizes of Bone Collector arrows and arrow shafts. The affected products shipped between August 5th and September 14th, 2010 as follows:

Size Batch Number
340  – 107545200
400  – 107545100 and 107747900

The batch number is printed on the bottom center of the product decal located approximately 10 inches from the nock end of the arrow as shown here:

size; 340 - 107545200

size: 400 - 107545100

size 400 - 107747900

What should you do:
Examine your arrows to determine whether they
match the batch numbers shown. If so, immediately
discontinue use and go to

This Web site will outline the steps necessary to
participate in the recall. If you need additional
assistance, please contact the retail hotline (see below).

What will Beman do:

Beman will send a prepaid UPS shipping label, so
you can return your arrows or arrow shafts FREE of
charge. Upon receipt of the returned product, Beman
will send replacement Bone Collector arrows or
arrow shafts to you at no charge.

Recall Hotline: