Early morning, Jay Liechty and Jay from Middle Mountain Sporting Goods drove to look for Team Reaper Jay’s black bear that he shot the previous afternoon. When the two tracked the bear after dark yesterday they found it looking at them, 20 yards away, in the thick brush. So, wisely, they backed out.

They picked up the trail found the bear where they saw it in the dark last eventing. Then they moved the bear out of the thick stuff to a nearby place where they could take a few pictures.

Team Reaper head guy Jay Lichtey with his West Virginia black bear. He used a Hoyt bow with a Grim Reaper "Whitetail Special" broadhead with a 2-inch cut. The bear was recovered 90 yards from the initial shot.

When Jay checked in the bear Matt Higgins asked Jay, “Do you have anywhere you can get deer and wild turkey?” Jay phoned Bruce Ryan and asked him if he had any places where he could hunt deer and turkeys. Bruce said yes.

“I do,” Jay told Matt.

Matt then told him, “A deer, a wild turkey and a bear is a West Virginia Grand Slam.”

Jay told him he was going for it.

This hunt is hosted by Middle Mountain Sporting Goods in Elklin, WV and and Ryan Outdoors.

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