On November 27 I saw a nice 10 point on my Scrape Watch camera. My buds John and Bryant Askew were coming down to bowhunt and when John arrived first I showed him the pics. The picture was taken was 7:38am.

To get a closer look I zoomed in the buck’s rack. It has 5 points on the right side and 4 plus a nice crab claw point on the left.

This particular scrape site is in a natural pinch point of trees that funnels the deer traffic south to north and vise a versa. John has two stands in this strip of woods. He hunted one and had his son in law Colt hunt the other. The next day Colt had the 10-point walk up in front of him. And since Colt is a guest on our deer lease and he can not shoot a buck, he took its picture with his Droid.

When Bryant and his friend Jensen arrived we showed him the pictures. John and Colt were leaving so Bryant took up the hunt. He saw a buck that could have been the 10-point but it was moving along and Bryant couldn’t get a positive ID. Yesterday afternoon Bryant hunted the stand where the pic was taken.

The sun was getting low when Bryant saw a deer walking in the trees to his right. It was a buck. When the buck stepped clear of the trees Bryant knew it was the 10-point he was looking for.

It stopped abruptly and looked directly at Bryant, but only for several seconds. It looked around and took a few steps. Bryant was now at full draw and taking aim.

The arrow entered on the right side, angled forward. And the buck bolted and ran into the trees.

Bryant waited 10 minutes and got down to check for blood. There was plenty. He followed it slowly for 20 yards and saw the buck laying 30 yards ahead.

When Jensen drove up to the pick up place he told Bryant he had shot a big wild boar.

Bryant pointed to his 10-point and they loaded it in the back of Jensen’s pickup along side of the wild boar.

Here is Bryant Askew and his November 30 ten point buck. Congratulations Bryant.

And so you can see the crab claw point here is a different angle.

After taking pictures we took the buck to Whalay Deer Processing and ate dinner at Ortega’s Mexican Restaurant.

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