EliminX Odor Elimination System

Code Blue has developed a line of scent eliminators to specifically target and destroy human odors, giving you an extra edge in the woods. Every hunter knows that one of the biggest obstacles in bagging that monster buck or other trophy game is the animal’s sense of smell. Eliminate that obstacle with Code Blue’s EliminX.

Before even stepping into the woods, a hunter needs to take precautions against scent. EliminX Laundry Detergent takes scent prevention to the next step. Safe for carbon suits and featuring no U.V. Brighteners, this laundry detergent removes all odors from your hunting clothes. Use the Fresh Earth-scented detergent for an added advantage against that whitetail’s sensitive nose.

Eliminate your scent from head to toe with a pre-trip shower using EliminX Body Wash and Shampoo. This body wash and shampoo effectively cleans and neutralizes human odor. For added protection against that monster’s nose, use EliminX Body Wash and Shampoo with Fresh Earth scent.

Once you arrive at your hunting location, but before entering the woods, destroy odors with EliminX Scent Eliminator Spray and EliminX Stealth Dust. EliminX Scent Eliminator Spray eliminates human odor on contact by penetrating the pores of clothing. Three times stronger than human odor, this innovative scent eliminator separates and forms an invisible barrier around the gas molecules that cause odor. Take scent prevention to the extreme with EliminX Stealth Dust. Using a patented chemical process, Stealth Dust isolates the individual elements that produce offensive scent and signal danger to game animals. And, it goes on dry so hunters can remain scent-free in the woods even when it’s too cold to spray liquid.

Rounding out the line, EliminX Field Wipes are the most convenient way to eliminate odor and refresh skin. Perfect for pre-season scouting or warm, early-season hunts. Simply drop a pack into your pocket or backpack for extra odor eliminating insurance.

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