A little “bowhunters breakfast.” 3 eggs over easy and corn beef hash. Yea, don’t I wish. But my oatmeal and OJ is plenty good. Coffee tastes good too. The moon was bright last night but it’s dark as dark can be out now.

Crack! Antlers started clicking in the dark. In a few minutes I could make out their dark figures shoving back and forth in the doe perfume area. Finally one quit the fight and ran. The shadow of the winner walked over near me. With the Nikons I could make out his rack. Wow. High and wide.

I needed more daylight to make anything happen. In a few minutes I could make him out without the binocs. Another buck walked by my blind on the left. A heavyweight fat boy with a thick rack that was half the size of the buck I was waiting on.

My wait came to an end before I could get a pic or a shot as Fat Boy charged the other buck. My big racked winner buck bolted and ran up the south hill and kept going. Fat Boy stopped on the hill. By the time he returned there was enough light to see.

Fat Boy was 15 yards from me, but I wasn’t gonna shoot. Another buck came from the hill, his ears were back as he walked on down and came up behind Fat Boy. Fat Boy ignored him.

Then 3 does came up and all the deer had s little walk around. The light is still not that great but I could get a pic.

The does moved on to the south. The Buck left to the north.

Ahaa, here comes a young doe. It kept looking back and I’m thinking maybe a buck was behind her. Nope, I see 2 more does on the hillside.

When I came out the temperature wad 38. Now it’s 34 and the breeze is ice cold.

The does are staring at the hill.

It’s 4 more deer. 2 button heads and 2 does. The 2 does went to the perfume area.  In the picture below the doe on the left is adding perfume to the area.

The 3 does left to the north. Later there were 4 does scattered around in the food plot.

And that was the hunt this morning.