Flex-Fletch Products Inc. has been the leader in Vane technology since the 1960’s. The unique to the vane industry process was developed by Roger Grundman and is still un-matched today for strength, durability, and consistency. Flex-Fletch produce the finest quality vanes available, then or now.

Silent Knight Vanes for Crossbow
Silent Knight Vanes are the first vanes on the market directed toward the Crossbow archer. Available in two sizes SK-200, 2 inch vane, and SK-300, 3 inch. Silent Knight Vanes boast an edgy look that is both functional and attractive. Made from the Flex-Fletch “Extreme” material they will hold up to even the harshest punishment. Stable at very high speeds, the Silent Knight Vanes are perfect for anyone shooting over 300 FPS, including the compound archer. Tough, they will take a beating and will prove their mettle over and over.
Dan Hendricks editor and publisher of The Horizontal Bowhunter magazine says:

“Silent Knight Vanes performed flawlessly during my 2010 Antelope hunt, with a beautiful 418 FPS shot, dropping the loper nearly in his tracks”? Dan was using SK-300 vanes on his Beman Lightning Bolts.

Silent Knight Vanes are available in most Flex-Fletch colors.

If your local shop doesn’t have them, ask for them. Flex-Fletch has a low dealer minimum that makes it easy for shops to keep Flex-Fletch Products on hand.

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