Guaranteed to Increase Arrow Speed!

The new EQUALIZER (The Speed Machine™) Archery Release Aid from Goat Tuff Products features a revolutionary new design that allows the archer to increase draw length by up to 3”.  This increase in draw length produces a tremendous increase in performance and arrow speed.

The Equalizer fits comfortably in your palm.

GOAT TUFF President Jerry Smith had this to say, “The EQUALIZER was designed by Ric Clark for short draw archers or those that have had to shoot lower poundages due to age or injury. These archers where pretty much stuck with the performance of their bow due to draw length and weight limitations. With the new EQUALIZER Release the archer can increase performance by increasing their bow’s draw length up to 3”. This is possible due to the EQUALIZER capturing the string 1 to 3” farther back while still retaining the original anchor point. By allowing this increase in draw length the shooter gains arrow speed at the same draw weight. Designed to help give short draw archer’s added performance, the EQUALIZER will help every archer increase arrow speed without changing draw weight.”

Easy to operate on string or with string loop, the Equalizer provides a functional, natural ergonomic alignment of finger, hand, wrist and arm for comfort and control.

The EQUALIZER Release features a comfortable adjustable wrist strap with dual tongue buckle. It fits comfortably in the palm of the hand with an In Line adjustable trigger that allows for the perfect alignment of the arm, wrist and Release. The plunger type trigger is activated with a smooth, natural movement of the finger. The EQUILIZER may also be shot as a back tension release. The release body is precision machined from billet aluminum with all internal parts of stainless steel for years of use.

The adjustable plunger type trigger is in perfect alignment with finger.

Ric Clark the inventor noted: “The EQUALIZER is comfortable and natural to shoot and actually fits the body in a straight line attitude which is more natural than standard release aid. This release will also work with standard string or D Loops configurations. It is the perfect release for everyone to gain performance.”

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