Sponsored by: Heartland Wildlife Institute

Want to be a ghost in the woods? Then get behind a GhostBlind. The motto at GhostBlind is  “Not seeing is believing”. Literally, this slogan hits the nail on the head. What makes this innovative blind so lethal are its reflective mirror panels. The blind reflects it’s surroundings which means it is like having thousands of different camo patterns.

The GhostBlind is very light (only 12 lbs), shatter proof and water resistant. The reflective mirror panels are made with Mylar Film laminated to polystyrene sheets, not glass mirrors. Mylar is an industrial reflective material that is very durable and tough. The GhostBlind is a four paneled blind that measures 102” across and 46” in height. It also has an optional Deluxe Carry Bag system that is really nice. You can carry the blind, your chair, backpack and everything you need for a days hunt.

One of the features with the GhostBlind is that you can set it up in seconds and disappear. The Mylar mirrors are angled down so there is not any glare. The game animals will not spook.

The GhostBlind mirrors picks up the reflection of its surroundings and simply vanishes. Absolutely unbelievable! What I truly like is that you can pick up and move to a new spot in seconds. There are many good ground blinds on the market but there is none that can do what The GhostBlind can do.

There are shooting ports that you shoot through.

The Ghost Blind is easy to carry. It comes with an optional camouflage deluxe carrying bag with backpack straps. I carry mine and my backpack, as seen below.

Here is a little hint that will help you, let me use a hunting situation. When sitting behind The GhostBlind and an animal is approaching, put the bottom cam of your bow on your knee (your bow is vertical). Draw your bow straight back to eliminate any extra movement. This technique alone will make you disappear into the GhostBlind. The following are a couple of other tips that will also help you.

When finding your spot to set up, make sure you have a good back ground. I like to have a large tree or a brush pile directly behind me. There are times that I will take a small military style shovel and dig out the ground floor so I can get the exact height for my chair and shooting port. You don’t want to sit to high or low.

In summary, there is nothing like The GhostBlind out in the market place. This is truly a universal and exceptionally innovative blind. As I said, it takes seconds to sit up and you immediately disappear. What more can a hunter ask for? Good luck this year and as always … HUNT SAFE.


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