With my two game cameras watching scrapes I was pleased to receive a new game camera, the SkyPoint Pro-X from SpyPoint in Canada. (On the web at: SpyPoint.com.)

Now I’ve used a lot of different game cameras, from when you had to use a magnet to get them to work to the IR and even wireless ones, and I’ve seen repeating problems with the majority of them. My single biggest complaint is many are not user friendly. You can’t figure out how to make all the settings and something as simple as turning it on and off is hard to figure out.

I can tell you that SkyPoint’s Pro-X impressed me from the get go.  It’s very compact (4,5” x 6,8” x 2,8”). The latches are unique and lock down solid. It has a view screen that’s almost as big as my iPhone … nice and easy to see. You can preview your photos as well as read the settings display. It came with a rechargeable battery, imagine that, a real plus! Even the strap makes it dead easy to get the camera fastened to a tree. I could not wait to get this convenient SkyPoint Pro-X in the field so I put it on the south trail leading to my food plot. As you can see, it got right to work.

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