From: Mike Mattly

In a world of conventional methods, the Summit Dagger offers an unconventional twist to climbing stand hunters. The Dagger features an open-front design that also folds for easy storage or transport where space may be limited. Add a newly engineered arm rest design that puts the pressure points where they should be, and you can sit comfortably for hours. Of course, the Dagger comes with padded arm rests, seat, and back rest that make hunting from a Summit unlike any other seat in the woods.

Summit Dagger - the alternative to traditional climbers.

As with all of our climbing stands, the Dagger features RapidClimb™ stirrups, QuickDraw™ triggers to adjust our unique cable, and SummitLokt™ construction. Nylon bushings keep pivot points quiet, and a threaded backbar knob secures the “V” brace while your stand is in the climbing configuration. If high performance is what you’re into, the Summit Dagger will meet your craving.

About Summit: Summit is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality, high-performance treestands, safety straps, and ground blinds. Founded by John Woller, Sr. in 1981, the company combines a passion for engineering and hunting, which clearly shows in the design elegance and in-field functionality of all their products. Summit holds over a dozen patents and has consistently led the industry with new innovations, comfort, and convenience features. Summit has been part of PRADCO Outdoor, a division of EBSCO Industries, since 2002.
Suggested Retail is $279.99.
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