Recently BowTech introduced a new bow that is aptly named the Assassin and equipped it with its new R.A.K. system. R.A.K. stands for Ready, Aim, Kill and that’s what this bow was designed to do. If you’re like me when you get a new bow you have to install the arrow rest, stabilizer, sight, peep, string loop, and quiver. This exercise is fun but it can be a pain. The R.A.K. system eliminates this often frustrating experience. This bow is ready to use, shoot and kill.

The Assassin - Lives up to it's name

The Assassin comes with many of the features that BowTech has used in the past and have proven to be welcome additions to any bow. The InVelvet ™ finish is soft to the touch and durable. My Destroyer 350 has it and it stood up to a lot of use and abuse this past hunting season and shows virtually no wear.

If it’s a BowTech then you know it is made with the Binary Cam System, which allows for up to 6” of draw length adjustment without changing modules. The binary cams rotate in perfect synchronization eliminating cam timing concerns. Couple this with the infinite draw stop adjustment feature and you can adjust the draw length to your precise preference.

The Assassin also features the Hardcore Limbs ™ which BowTech introduced in 2010. They are made 7 layers of material that store energy throughout the limb. Tough and efficient would be a good way to describe them.

This bow is light (3.8 pounds) and I was concerned that would be negative since I like my bows a little on the heavy side. My concerns were erased after I shot the bow. Arrow grouping was very good. Hand shock was not noticeable and the feel of the grip in my hand was nice.

So what is the R.A.K. system? Simply put it means you can buy the bow do a little tuning of the sight and rest and go hunting. What’s in the system -everything. It contains a 4-pin TruGlo Apex sight. As a side note, the sight does not have a red pin in it. You may already know that red is the first color you lose in dim lighting, so that is a welcome change. Also included is a 1-piece 5-arrow Arrow Ultra-Lite quiver, an Octane Hostage XL arrow rest, 4” light stabilizer, Comfort Wrist Sling (which I really liked), alloy peep, and Dura-Fix string dampening components. The bow comes with Octane bowstrings which are hand made from Gore material and are pre-stretched. A string loop is installed at the factory as is the peep. I told you it was ready to use.

The Assassin is entitled to be labeled a speed bow. The bow I tested was the 60# model. I have a short draw length only 26”. Shooting 340-grain arrows it tripped the chronograph at 273 FPS. I normally shoot 51# and still achieved 253 FPS.

The bottom line is if you or someone you know is just getting into archery or doesn’t like to mess around with setting up a bow and/or isn’t mechanically inclined, this is the bow to consider. Try it at your local pro shop; I think you’ll like it as much as I did.

  • Brace height  7”
  • IBO speed 333 @ 29”, 70#
  • Draw weight – 50, 60, 70
  • Effective let-off – 65-80%
  • Kinetic energy – 88.20 ft.-lbs.
  • Axle to axle – 30 5/8”
  • MSRP – $649

BowTech Assassin Video Review

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