From: Mike Mattly


Code Blue’s new Urge is more than just an attractant, it is a Triple-Threat Stimulant that combines smells and flavors deer crave over any other aromas. Urge attracts and holds deer, stimulates their appetite and creates territorial behavior.

This powerful combination is scientifically blended to stimulate a Triple-Threat Response from bucks and does. The three-prong attack starts with an irresistible attraction to an aroma that puts deer on a mission to explore. Once discovered, the taste of Urge creates an appetite for more. With this almost uncontrollable need for more, deer will frequent the site often, keeping them in your area longer. The intense response is so strong that deer, especially bucks, will show signs of territorial behavior similar to that of the rut. Big bucks have a natural instinct to protect – with Urge their competitive nature kicks in. Attract and hold, stimulate an appetite for more and generate territorial behavior.

Urge is highly effective all year long and can be applied to many food sources helping you keep deer in your area longer. One application of Urge lasts for weeks, even in periods of heavy rain. Use Urge all year long to concentrate deer activity and produce incredible results. If you want an edge you need Urge.

Urge for whitetail is available in a 32 fl. oz. or 1 gal. Ready-to-Use spray or a 1 gal. concentrate (retail price $14.99-$49.95). Urge is also available for moose in a 32 fl. oz. or 1 gal. Ready-to-Use spray (retail price $14.99-$24.95).

Company Description
Code Blue, LLC set new quality standards for the scent industry as the world’s first and only company with a patented certified collection process that guarantees “One Deer to One Bottle.” Code Blue has taken the knowledge of scents and scent dispersal to expand its product offering; from premium scent and attractants, to scent dispensers and scent eliminators – Code Blue has every hunter’s scent needs covered.