First let me explain one wonderful thing about this company. They are always innovating. Always changing, “Always Thinking”. This company is like a well oiled machine which designs, test and re-engineers. As if the products are evolving into a hybrid component to our bows or crossbows.

I had the pleasure of meeting the fine people from Vital Gear Inc. Ben, the President and inventor, also his lovely wife Maria foresees Vital Gear and all operations. Arianna is the Customer Service Manager, Craig Warmington is Director of Marketing and Technical support.

Ben being the inventor and engineer constructs complex designs and integrates from paper to 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. All Vital Gear products are built to high quality standards, tested and measured to tight tolerances. 4Max is also a division or Subsidiary company of Vital Gear. 4Max is the import line fabricated in China. I must tell you Ben discussed with me that designing a line to be made in China was one hard decision to formulate. Ben wanted to keep the 4Max products made in the USA.

This offers products to the budget sensitive consumer in turn wanted Vital Gear products but want to watch the pocket book. To make this all possible sacrifices had to be made. One, being built in China and changing the sight housing to a plastic carbon composite instead of the 6061 T6 aluminum. 4Max product line offers all the great features and technologies Vital Gear offers.

Vital Gear & 4Max line both have patent glow in the dark fiber optic technology. Patented sights and 100% full arrow containment rest. Vital Gear Inc. is the inventors of the angular pin technology with three feet of glow in the dark fiber wrap the most in the industry. Not to mention the Defend Tech Sight system. The Defend Tech system is stainless steel tubing for the sight pins, the sight guard is 100% machined and made from 6061 aluminum. Each Pin guard includes exclusive Vital Gear light gathering holes “LHT” for maximum light transmission on a fully machined metal pin guard without compromise.
These sites will outlast and out perform any other sight on the market, 100% guaranteed; not only is it naturally bright; but it also includes a UV light for shooting from a ground blind.

Check out the patents for yourself at make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Ben Afshari’s patents. Please feel free to visit your local Vital Gear dealer and ask to see the new Vital Gear line.