Bowfishing has become increasingly more popular every year and at Alpine Archery it’s just another chance to provide the enthusiast with the best equipment for the job. If it crawls, trots, flies or swims Alpine now has the bow to put it down.

The New Mako Bowfishing Bow for 2011.

The Alpine Mako, like all Alpine bows was meticulously designed and then put though some brutal in the field testing to ensure it had everything required to make it the best in class. During one of these stringent test runs it earned its name on the cold blue waters of the Pacific Ocean where it successfully boated the open ocean Mako shark!

Alpine owner Bob Proctor noted, “We put the Mako through a wide variety of bowfishing expeditions and in every instance it performed flawlessly. From deep water sharks to slow current river carp the Mako is a shooter.”

The Mako is solidly built starting with its CNC machined riser, Bi-Flex composite limbs, and CNC machined cams. Made to fit most archers, its cam provides 7 inches of draw length adjustment. Everyone likes a good looking piece of equipment and this bow excels there too with a sharp looking water drop blue riser and limbs, stylish LX Pocket Mounting System, a laser engraved 2-piece Rosewood Grip and stand out pewter finished riser Medallion.

The Mako weighs a light 3 pounds, has an axle-to-axle length of 30.75”, brace height of 6.5 lbs and draw length of 24”-30” at 50 and 60 pound draw weights.

The Mako is a top quality, fast shooting bow that looks as good as it shoots and it comes ready to go work at a low $299 retail price.

This year when you set your sights on some fins make sure you wrap your hand around the bow meant to get wet, the Mako from Alpine.

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