We are pleased to be able to welcome Buck Stop Lure Company to our Bowhunting.Net family.

Buck Stop Lure Company is a 58 year old company founded back in 1953 by scent guru Don Garbow. Buck Stop is the oldest family owned business in the scent industry offering nearly 150 products, for hunting, trapping and dog training. Now under new ownership of Brian and Bonnie Johansen, since Don’s retirement in the fall of 2009. Bonnie, the youngest of Don’s 4 daughters and  her husband Brian share the continuing vision that began with Don decades ago, of producing the most effective scent products in the market place.

With Buck Stop hunter success is measured in the width of their smiles.

Buck Stop launched the scent industry as it is known today with the release of the first marketed estrus scent Mate-Triks Doe-In-Heat back in 1972 and thousands of hunters have used this product to successfully harvest the buck of their dreams.

Buck Stop - Where Scents and Lures for the hunter and trapper have been a way of life for almost 6 decades.

Buck Stop products are sold nationwide and also available in Canada as well as 4 European countries.  When it comes to scents and lures Buck Stop should be your choice. www.buckstopscents.com