By: Colby Ward

Crossbows bring a whole new dimension to the family hunting experience. Bowhunting is an art and a sport. It is however, for the most part a very individual sport. You typically hunt alone, with your own bow that is fitted specifically for you. You need to spend hours and hours shooting targets and fine tuning your bow to fit your way of shooting. My girls over the last few years have shown an interest in bowhunting, but not quite to the point of spending the money to get their own bows and archery equipment. The Barnett Crossbow changed all of this.

Author's 15 year old daughter, Alexis with a huge Texas feral hog which was dropped with a single shot

We got a Barnett Crossbow this past summer and the fun started. The great thing about crossbows is one person can sight it in and the whole family can shoot it. We have had family and friend shooting contests at barbecues during the summer and early fall and everyone can hunt with it during the season. My family is hooked. Now, instead of me going to hunt alone or my boy and me going, the whole family wants to go. I guess I will need to get a couple more Barnett Crossbows so the entire family can hunt at once.

The Barnett Crossbow that we started with is a Wildcat C5 Compound Crossbow, with a 4X32 Barnett scope. The crossbow has a 150 pound draw weight, shoots at 320 feet per second and packs 114 pounds of energy in each shot. This crossbow weighs 5.9 pounds at a length of 35 inches and width of 26.75 inches, so it is easy to hunt with. The cross bow shoots 20 inch arrows with amazing authority.

The entire family can use a Barnett Crossbow in the woods and at home.

I highly recommend Barnett Crossbows for the guy or gal that wants to get out in the woods a month earlier, the avid archer who wants another weapon to use in this great sport or for the entire family that wants to hunt and spend time together. Remember the family who hunts together stays together!

Happy hunting!