How do you fletch larger diameter crossbow bolts quickly, with precision ease and dramatically increase accuracy of every shot? Fletch with the new ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH ‘BOLT’. The new ‘BOLT’ fletching jig utilizes the same great E-Z Fletch design that fletches 3 vanes at the same time saving time and money. With the E-Z Fletch BOLT you can custom fletch a dozen bolts or large diameter arrows in less than 30 minutes, exactly the way you want them for maximum performance and due to it’s radical helical design gain an absolute leap in group tightening accuracy .

New E-Z Fletch 'BOLT' - 3 vanes at once for Crossbow Bolts and larger diameter shafts.

Randy Phillips, President of ARIZONA RIM COUNTRY made the announcement.

“The BOLT Fletching Jig has been designed to apply a unique radical helical to 2” vanes that not only stiffens the vane but creates more torque in flight so the bolt stabilizes immediately out of the bow to drastically improve accuracy.”

Phillips continued. “I don’t care what your skill level is; if you fletch your crossbow bolts with the E-Z Fletch BOLT you will measurably improve your accuracy.”

The BOLT is designed to allow users to go from standard 4” vanes to 2” vanes and will accept all nock designs. For those who have taken up the crossbow, or are shooting larger diameter arrows this unique fletching jig will make bolt/arrow making easier and perceptibly help tighten groups and improve accuracy in the field even when shooting broadheads.”

The ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH is a compact, lightweight unit that is easy to use, even in the field. The patented design fletches three vanes at one time and ensures precision vane alignment every time. MSRP is $46.95

For those who want precision arrows, want to save money and enjoy doing it yourself, nothing beats the ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH.

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