Each year I try to tweak my setup to try improve performance. Some years it works while others don’t and I have to resort back to older equipment. This year is no different but I did decide to go a different direction. See each year it has been a new sight, release or bow. One thing I have not tweaked in over 10 years is my arrows. I have always been happy with my trusty aluminum carbon combination arrow, but for this evaluation I decided to try a new all carbon shaft.

This year I will be trying the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter. The Maxima series has been out a few years but for 2011 there have been improvements. Most notable is the new Dual Spine Weight Forward technology. The patented multi-layered, multi-material design basically creates two spines in one. This combination redefines performance and accuracy when launched from today’s high efficiency bows.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow

You see the problem with today’s ordinary carbon arrows is the excessive flex and oscillation caused when released from high efficiency bows. The improved energy management from the Dual Spine Weight Forward technology combined with the stiffer and lighter rear end allows the arrow to recover faster and spin sooner. How fast, 20 percent faster based on slow motion testing.

Maxima HunterKV

So there you have it, the benefit of Dual Spine Weight technology, the heavier front maximizes forgiveness while the lighter and stiffer back end harnesses energy, both yielding faster recovery and accuracy.

Carbon Express also applies their patented BuffTuff Plus carbon weave construction to the improved Maxima Hunter. This patented construction maximizes the strength and durability of the arrow as well as securing the straightness and tolerances.

One of the problems that is common with carbon arrows is the pounding the nock takes when hit with other arrows whether this be from target or field events. Carbon Express has virtually eliminated this problem with the BullDog nock collar. The 3 grain metal collar protects the otherwise exposed shaft. Unexposed shafts tend to crack or splinter and must be carefully inspected. I still suggest checking but with the BullDog the chance of splintering from a hit is dramatically reduced.

First Thoughts

The Maxima Hunter I received came uncut and fletched with 2” Blazer vanes. Carbon Express also offers the option of Fusion vanes are unfletched for you own customization. Initial inspection revealed a clean Mossy Oak Treestand dipped camouflaged pattern. The camo runs approximately 2/3 of the way down the arrow with the back 1/3 displaying the weaved carbon design. A Carbon Express Maxima decal covers the area where the camo ends on the shaft making for a nice transition. The Blazer vanes were offset and came in a 2 red and 1 white fletching scheme blending in with the white nock and crimson BullDog collar.

The first thing I had to do was cut the arrows to my 29” draw length. After cutting i made sure the ends were square before installing the insert. Finished the 28.5 inch arrow weighed in at approximately 385 grains. So compared to my old hunting shafts I am giving up around 20 grains. Not bad at all and I am alright with the weight as it puts me right at a hunting weight of 5.5 lbs per grain when shooting from my 70 lb. compound.

Were the Carbon Express Maxima Arrows accurate? You be the judge.

Now the real test, accuracy. I warmed up with a few shots just to see if there were any adjustments needed to my bow and nothing need to be changed. After several individual shots I decided to concentrate on a 3 arrow group at 20 yards. Well from the picture you can probably tell that I am quite pleased with the results. What is even better is that I still have a doe tag to fill with a little over two weeks to go in the Ohio Archery Season. So you can only guess what all carbon arrow I will have in my quiver on my next hunt.


As far as specifications of this brand of Carbon Express arrow I am going to explain it as though you, the reader, are new to archery. The Maxima Hunter has a weight tolerance of plus or minus 1.0 grain which means that, over a dozen shafts, they will all weigh within 1 grain of each other if individually put on a scale. The Maxima Hunter has a straightness of .0025” meaning the arrow shaft will deviate no more than .0025 of an inch, plus or minus, as you rotate it around it’s axis over the entire length. The final important measurement in an arrow is spine tolerance, which the Maxima Hunter measures at .0025”. In simple terms, the arrow being supported at both ends while a weight is affixed to the center. The amount the arrow flexes or bends is called the spine. Carbon Express actually laser spine tests each arrow to ensure consistency.


So what the heck does all this mean? Well the tight tolerance standards used by Carbon Express combined with the Dual Spine Weight Forward technology has got me convinced that it is one of the most consistent carbon arrows in the industry. My shooting was really all it took to help convince me that this is a great all carbon arrow to put in my quiver.

Product Description

The Maxima Hunter® maintains its heritage and adds the benefits of Dual Spine Weight Forward™ technology. It is the most proven and reliable premium grade 100% carbon arrow in the Carbon Express® line. The precision design Maxima Hunter® series is faster and offers tighter tolerances than traditional carbon arrows. The Maxima Hunter® is the fastest camouflage arrow in the Carbon Express® line! Constructed using patented Dual Spine Weight Forward™ technology.


* Patented BuffTuff® Plus carbon weave construction – excellent strength and durability
* BullDog™ nock collar – unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts
* Straightness: ± 0.0025″
* Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains
* Spine selection tolerance: ± 0.0025″

See Carbon Express in action:

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