Predator Innovations, LLC  inventor of a better way to hang treestands with their Hang-On Buddy™ Treestand Mounting System has announced it had lowered the retail price for its popular ‘Outfitter Pack’ from $71.99 to $62.99!

Company spokesman Jason Werkheiser made the announcement: “The Hang-On Buddy Universal Treestand Mounting System is made in the US and like all products the cost is the relationship between quantities and production procedures. Due to the increase in demand for the Hang-On Buddy we were able to increase production and thus lower the per-unit costs. We are happy to be able to pass these savings on to our customers.”

Safer, easier treestand mounting where you want your stand, when you want you stand in the best location.

The Hang-On Buddy is a strong treestand mounting system that enables the user to hang a treestand outfitted with the Mounting Hooks to the Mounting Bases that are secured to the tree. This enables the user to easily and more safely hang the treestand. This also saves time, provides more versatility in stand locations, makes moving to multiple stand locations more easily and since the stand is easily installed and removed eliminates the worry of treestand theft. The Hang-On Buddy ‘Outfitter Pack’ includes one Pro Pack Mounting Hooks and two Mounting Bases.

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