Pine Ridge Archery, an innovator in archery accessories, is proud to introduce one of a kind kisser buttons to their 2011 product line.

What makes Pine Ridge Archery kisser buttons so innovative? The “Slide On Kisser Button” does not have a slit in it like regular kissers, so you can slide it on the string (even over the loops at the end) for a secure fit that will not move.

New Slide-On Kisser Button

The secret behind the Pine Ridge Archery Slide On Kisser Button is the unique blend of materials that make up the kisser button. The material is soft while others are hard plastic. Hard plastic does not allow you to flex over the loop of the strings and travel down the string into position. With the Pine Ridge Archery softer, yet super-strong material, the kisser is flexible and more comfortable on the lip.

New Slotted Kisser Button

We also have “Slotted Kisser Buttons” made of the same soft material, but they have the slit in the side allowing you to install the kisser without removing the string from the bow. This is great for the consumer or a time crunch in the shop.

“Kisser buttons are one of those accessories that hasn’t been improved upon in years,” said Brian Bychowski of Pine Ridge Archery. “Our new innovative designs can quickly be put on the string, saving archers and pro shops time. They are soft so they won’t irritate the corner of the mouth and they look great.”

The Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Buttons also help eliminate bow string noise and squelch string vibration thanks to the soft, durable material they are molded from.

Both versions of the new kissers come in 8 hot colors. Staying with the current trend, we have designed brilliant colors that will match the various string colors, bows and accessories on the market so regardless of what color accessories an archer has on his or her bow, we have a color to match. Colors Available include Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.

To learn more about Pine Ridge Archery’s one-of-a-kind Kisser buttons and their other innovative products including the Ground Blind Camera Mount, AT-5 Trail Camera Support and adhesives, visit

Cat. No. 2730-2761 Kisser Button – Slide On Retail: $3.99
Cat. No. 2765-2796 Kisser Button – Slotted Retail: $3.99

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