S4Gear FreeStyle720 Chair

From: Katherine Rice

Patent pending cam-over latch technology, 6061T6 aluminum, reinforced polymer construction and full deployment in less than 20 seconds only begins to describe the features packed into the Freestyle720 from S4Gear. Think this is like all the other lightweight ground blind chairs? Think again.

Engineered to make hunters more successful in the field, the Freestyle720’s large footprint/tri-pod design with a cantilevered seat allows the hunter to rotate a full 360° but also traverse a full 360°. This feature enables the hunter the silent mobility to efficiently and effectively traverse from window to window and make their shot—with proper form—from any angle while remaining in a seated position.

“We set out to design a ground blind chair that is not only comfortable and functional, but one that actually enhances the hunting experience,” states VP of product development, Dayne Lester, “The Freestyle720 is like nothing on the market and is truly going to change the way people hunt from a blind.”

The key to the silent rotation is the coaxial bearing system coupled with the cantilevered seat frame. The coaxial bearing distributes the cantilevered load between four lubricant infused polymeric bearings, allowing for smooth and silent rotation and translation for the life of the product.

Quick and silent leg extensions allow the seat to be leveled on most terrain. Oversized feet on the bottom of the tri-pod are designed for four-season versatility and stability on virtually any terrain. The automatic cam-over latches on the legs allow the hunter to deploy the system quietly and quickly—even in the dark.

The seat is constructed from closed cell molded foam with a nylon laminate for a silent and comfortable cushion that minimizes heat and sweat build up.

A collapsible chair back is also available for purchase. More information on the Freestyle720 can be found at www.S4Gear.com.

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