Stopped raining 15 minutes ago. Only 42 this morning but windy. I wanted to go to the Super Secret stand but after last night’s rainfall the woods road will be a mud hole. So it’s back to the food plot — I can walk to it.

Another colorless sunrise, black to light — in slow motion. Two deer shadows walked through while it was still dark, couldn’t tell what they were. Nothing until after 7:30. A doe and button head came into the immediate area. Soon I saw deer heads and parts i n the woods at the 120. Six at least. The doe and button saw them and walked through the woods in their direction. says showers and thunderstorms this morning and up to 25 mph winds. Hmmmm, the sun just came out and it’s dead still. No complaints tho, If the sun dries out the road some I can get to where Weird buck is.

Right now there’s a doe with 2 button bucks. And 3 does are walking down the hill, coming this way.

A doe that’s this year’s fawn has a long cut on the top of its tail and a few inches of it’s back. Also on it’s left front side neat to the front leg.

The cut is nasty looking but the doe is just fine. No limp or discoloration in the cut area.

Several days ago I noticed the cut by the leg but the tail and back one are néw. I got close up pics with my camera.

This is a long cut along the top of the rear end and the tail.

One of the big, mature does made several threatening gestures to the other, younger does. Wow, if you were a first year doe how would you like to see this coming at ya?


At the Weird Buck stand this afternoon. Nothing happened.