“Weird buck I’m looking for you this morning.” After some coffee I got dressed and was out the door.

Did anybody notice the moon this morning? It stopped me in my tracks. The moon was a thin 10% sized sliver. But extra bright. Some stars were scattered around. And a large super bright star was to the left of the moon. Amazing.

I went to the Double Bull in the Sky. An hour passed. Nothing. We had a little shower. Half hour later we had another shower.

This is the Double Bull In The Sky. It is 6 feet off the ground and positioned on 2 layers of 3/4-inch plywood.

A doe and buck came down the fence in front of me and stopped 8 yards from me, looking at the woods ahead. Both were young and smallish.

Oh oh — a blasted squirrel got in the blind ran around on the floor — and then started chewing on the plywood  floor. I stayed motionless because I don’t want him to start barking at me. The deer are staring over here. Crazy.

Another deer came up and joined the watchers. Now the squirrel is jumping around on the blind’s roof. At least he’s back outside. The deer are still watching this.

How about this idea. A new deer call. We can sell ’em a piece of 3/4 inch plywood with a fancy logo on it. The Instructions say, “Chew on plywood loudly to attract deer to you”. We just had a field test and it worked, until a minute ago when the squirrel moved on.

Heck, it would probably work better than some of the deer calls I’ve bought.

Oh oh, it didn’t leave. The dreaded squirrel is back at it.

This squirrel thing probably isn’t that funny to read about but it’s all I can do to keep from busting out laughing.

He’s like, the chain saw squirrel.

This is a picture of one of the chewed areas on the double thickness 3/4-inch plywood floor for my ground blind blind in a tree.

I hunted until 3:45 in the afternoon without seeing any more deer. I intended to stay all day but received a phone call and had to rush home unexpectedly.

Here is a look at the ground blind in the tree from further away. Pretty cool, huh.

It didn’t take long and rather than drive back out to Super Secret I went to the closest food plot blind. Before getting inside I quickly looked around. Back in the 120 I saw something that almost made my eyes pop out of my head.