Bottom Line, there are 4 days left of this year’s deer season. It’s time to do some thinking about what to do now.

On opening weakend, almost 3 months ago, I saw a big 12 point when I hunted one of my food plot area ground blinds. The 12  point walked by a buck that I call Number 9 — a big mature buck. But the 12 was heavier and had a bigger rack.

Since then I’ve seen Number 9 several times and walked him some of those times. The last time I walked him was November 29. That’s Number 9 in the picture below. And when I took that picture it was the last time I’ve seen him.

At the food plot area I am seeing plenty of deer, and quite a few bucks, but not any of the big boys. And they are not showing up on my two game cameras either. So, they might be around but they are not currently visiting my food plot area.

However, my SpyPoint game camera at the Super Secret stand is getting some interesting activity. A fence runs through this area and here is a nice buck the SpyPoint caught walking along the fence.

Here is another buck that came in the area when I moved the SpyPoint to the fence and pointed it towards the woods.

The next picture really gets my attention. It is a buck I named Wide-8. These days he has 10 points. I also had pictures of Wide-8 in the Scrape Watch pictures.

The first time I saw Wide 8 was back in 1996. So he is at least 7 years old, but more likely 8. Just one problem, all the pictures of him are during the night. But two years ago he showed up in close up bow range and I got him on video and almost got a shot. Maybe he will walk through during the daylight this year.

Another thing this area has going for it, in the day time, is some occasional wild turkey traffic, like this longbeard gobbler.

A buck that I’ve never seen, but the SkyPoint caught, is the buck I call Weird Buck.

In this picture he is almost out of view but you can see part of his antlers. Kinda tall, huh.

And kinda unusual too. I’d love to see him up close. And if I had hunted here more I would have.

There is one more interesting thing in my SpyPoint pictures. This tub of lard wild hog.

How’d you like to walk up on this bad boy in the dark?

Super Secret definitely looks promising. So I’ll set there until mid afternoon tomorrow and see if something in the pictures shows up.