Clean-Shot Archery’s founder and CTO, Larry Bay, has been an avid archer since the age of 12. He hunts year-round with a compound bow for deer, elk, bear, cougar and turkey in the Pacific Northwest. Larry, a manufacturing engineer by trade, also has a strong background in product/business development, sales and marketing.

The concept for Spot-On™ Laser Broadheads started several years ago when Larry’s peep sight had filled with water during an extended push through wet brush on a Pacific Northwest hunting trip. One cow call and about 10 seconds of trying to find a place to hide produced a mature 8 x 7 bull elk only 20 yards in front of him. Once at full draw, he realized that the peep sight was full of water rendering it useless. An accurate shot was impossible without the use of his peep sight so he opted not to take the shot knowing that he would likely just wound this trophy elk.

This failed hunting trip got Larry thinking about alternatives to the traditional sighting systems and the concepts behind Clean-Shot Archery were conceived. The vision behind the company is to improve the ability to accurately aim an arrow for all archers (independent of their skill level) and develop products that would help to reduce the number of big game animals that are wounded in the field but never recovered by the hunting party.

“I wanted to improve the archer’s aim. It has been done for the rifle industry… so why not archery? I have spent too many hours tracking animals that have been hit with an arrow, but not killed. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find an animal that you personally have wounded.

“Rifle scopes have become more accurate at ranges from 600 to 1,000 yards, but sighting systems for modern compound bows have remained relatively the same for many years. This trend and my personal experience, led to the development of the first field sightable laser broadhead. I knew that the laser beam had to come out of the center of the arrow for it to be accurate. That’s when the fun and the work began — product design.

“Getting the laser to fit inside of the broadhead wasn’t the hard part… putting it in there with all of the electronic components needed to run it; the battery power to fire it; ensure that it is aerodynamic; AND not exceed a base weight of 125 grains was the hard part. That coupled with the high cost of tiny lasers and rechargeable, light-weight batteries really made this product impossible a couple of years ago. I knew it was just a matter of time before both the laser technology and the batteries got small enough and light enough to make this product work. In 2009, we tested the first Spot-On™ Laser Broadheads and Clean-Shot Archery was launched.”

Inventor and company founder Larry Bay with the Spot-On Laser Broadhead.

The company’s innovative philosophy reflects a blend of creativity and technical expertise that Clean-Shot’s management believes is necessary to successfully invent, manufacture, market and sell cutting edge products that will revolutionize and modernize the archery industry!

Give Spot-On™ Laser Broadheads a try and we promise that you will be impressed with the overall quality, flight performance, penetration and durability unlike any other modern fixed 3-blade broadhead on the market today!