My first look at the new Predator Crossbow by Barnett told me this was one solid and very well built bow. The Predator just looks tough with it’s short, heavy limbs and sturdy stock that give the crossbow a compact, muscular look. And the looks go along with the performance of the Predator. It has a 16”power stroke at 175 .lb draw weight and launches a 22” arrow at a sizzling 375 feet per second!

The patented shoot-thru foot stirrup is what helps give it the power to perform.

Weighing in at a mere 9 .lbs and an overall length of 37 inches, dressed in Realtree APG, this bow has it all. It comes with an adjustable cheek piece and an adjustable butt pad so you can achieve the perfect fit. The trigger is smooth and crisp with a 3.5 .lb pull.

The Predator comes as a complete package; 4, 22” arrows, 4, 125 grain field points, 4 –arrow quiver, rail lube, rope cocker and either a red dot sight or a 4X32 multi reticule scope. Barnett also offers a hand cocking device that attaches to the bow itself.

After putting the Predator together, I went outside and took a couple of 20 yard shots. After adjusting the scope, I stepped back to 30 yards.

Using the next crosshair (typical of most bows) I ended up shooting high. I adjusted to the 20 yard pin and I was back on target. This bow truly has a ton of power and I noticed much deeper penetration than on competitive bows I’ve shot.

The 175 .lb draw weight was more than I could pull back but with the hand-cocking device it made the job much easier. Sitting in a wheelchair I found the bow to be somewhat heavy to hold steady and a little long to hold

upright for someone with weak strength. However, the bow is well balanced and by using a monopod rest it was much easier to steady and shoot.

The smooth trigger pull and the clear, multi-reticule scope also made sighting the bow a breeze.

After attaching the hand cocking device, cocking the bow was a snap. I found this special device a great add-on for those having less than average arm strength.

If you are looking for a bow with fast, hard-hitting power, the Predator Crossbow could be the answer. It’s a great looking piece of equipment and it all comes neatly wrapped up as a complete package! Barnett certainly does crossbow right!

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