By: Doug Bermel – BHN Shooting Coordinator for the Disabled Hunter

The Nomad Series of game calls from Cass Creek are the lightest and one of the easiest wireless remote call systems available today. I took a look at the Nomad Deer Electronic Calls that features a Buck Grunt, Snort/Wheeze, Tending Grunt, Lost Fawn, and Rattling Antlers.

The versatile Nomad Electronic Calls from Cass Creek - Real Calls, Real Results

The receiver weighs only eight ounces making it a simple one hand operation. With the unit’s camo design you can attach to a tree, brush or a fence post for easy concealment. There is also a clip for your belt for easy transportation.

This model features a strong weather resistant case, uses four AAA batteries and has a range of 100 ft. It comes with a remote that’s easy to carry and has large buttons for quick operation. You set the receiver in a desired location, turn the unit on and using the remote you can produce the sounds that you would like to use. There are five authentic, sounds that have been recorded live in the field so they are authentic and natural. The volume is easily adjusted by using the remote.

I had the chance to use the Cass Creek game call while deer hunting in northern Wisconsin. I had my ground blind set on an oak knob next to a standing cornfield. I could hear the cornstalks rustling as the deer were moving through. It was mid October and the rut had not started yet. I had the receiver on a fence post and with the remote I let out a couple of fawn bleats. Getting no results I tried the buck grunts. After the call I could hear a deer coming to my location. Another quick call and a nice six point came into view. One of the nice features of the call was the receiver was 25 yards away so the buck was not looking in my direction. I picked up my Parker crossbow and sent a Rage tipped arrow on its way. It was a perfect hit and after a short trailing job I had my trophy. The Cass Creek Game Call is must for every serious deer hunter and with help from the call you might just get a chance at a trophy buck.

From the Cass Creek Web Site:

Cass Creek Nomad Deer Electronic Game Call

The lightest, easiest to use wireless remote deer call system available. No need to haul bulky speakers and a spool of cable into the backwoods. Spend less time setting up for your deer hunt and more time calling your prey. Each receiver (also called a remote) has a high quality speaker for clear, loud sound. Loud enough to be heard even in a gusty wind. Each Cass Creek Nomad Deer Electronic Game Call Receiver is remote controlled by a small handheld Transmitter.

Just place your Cass Creek Nomad Deer Electronic Game Call Receiver in a strategic location and operate using the remote control. Operate up to three (3) Receivers with a single Transmitter. One hand operation. Compact design weighs only 8 oz. The receivers attach to trees, brush and fences. Clips onto your belt for easy transport. Weather resistant case.

Includes real deer sounds by world famous naturalists, digitally recorded, digitally reproduced. Includes long range remote control. Has an effective remote range of 100 feet. Uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries (included/installed).

Never under-estimate the hearing, vision, or scent capabilities of a deer. The Cass Creek Nomad Deer Game System is simple to set up and even easier to operate. Keeps deer hunters from being spotted and creates a good kill zone by distracting them with other receivers. Keeps you from being spotted. Minimize your movements with the palm sized Transmitter.
Depending on which direction a deer is approaching, use the different receivers to direct them in for a good shot.

Shoot your trophy buck with the help of the Cass Creek Nomad Deer Electronic Game Call.

Includes the following calls:
• Buck Grunt – The communication and mating call of a buck trailing a doe.
• Snort/Wheeze – Highly aggressive call made by a dominate buck just prior to fighting another buck.
• Tending Grunt – A low volume vocalization made by an eager buck prior to mating a doe.
• Lost Fawn – A stressed, drawn out call often used by young deer when separated from their mother.
• Rattling Antler – The sound of two bucks fighting often draws a third attempting to steal the doe.

Includes One Deer Call Transmitter and One (1) Deer Call Receiver. The Transmitter communicates with the Receiver wirelessly up to 30 yards, depending on terrain. Bring the prey in close by connecting up to three (3) separate NOMAD Receivers to One (1) Transmitter, at different distances, to create a sensation of moving sound.
The NOMAD Receiver is also a hand-held game call when remote sound is not required. Each NOMAD Receiver can be connected to remote speakers for even greater separation. The internal speaker is bypassed when connected to remote speakers.
Each NOMAD Receiver is programmed with five (5) field tested, field proven sounds. All sounds are authentic recordings or real animals made for Cass Creek by top hunters and naturalists.

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